Data Protection Services

You come into the office one morning, start up your computer, then discover your system has crashed. What more, it turns out the hard drive that stores all your critical customer and financial data has failed. Can you say with certainty that you could recover the data that was on it? Research shows that 70% of small businesses that experience a major data loss go out of business within one year.

At AscendNet, we believe that it's not only important to backup your data but to be able to restore your data. That's why we make sure that the data protection solutions we design work and are regularly tested on both sides of the solution: backing up AND recovery.

Our data protection services include:

  • Disaster recovery planning
  • Data protection and recovery
    • Onsite solutions
    • Offsite solutions
    • Hybrid solutions
    • Remote worker solutions
  • Business continuity planning assistance

Talk to one of our data protection specialists today about the right solution for your business. We'll ensure it's both cost effective and reliable, and do everything in our power to ensure your business isn't in the 70%.