Data Protection Services

Just like every modern business, you can't afford to lose your data. AscendNet has been providing Data Protection Services since 1998. Our solutions provide companies with a combination of data backup technology and recovery solutions that guarantee to protect your business data and ensure a rapid recovery time in the event of any disaster or intrusion.

Smaller businesses continue to become the target of cyber criminals, making backing and recovery solutions more important than ever keeping your business data safe and readily available. Get in touch with AscendNet to discuss the most recommended data backup solution for your business needs today.

Program Features and Benefits

Business Continuity

Our business continuity planning team will help your company be prepared for a wide range of crises including anything from a natural disaster, a crippling computer virus to a burst water pipe.

Disaster Recovery Planning

When something terrible happens and cripples your business, having a disaster recovery plan in place can make the difference between survival and failure. We'll build a plan tailored to meet your needs.

Continuous and automated backups

Get the best kind of protection against data loss with a full-fledged backup system that is constantly updated.

Fast Recovery

Our solutions offer onsite and offsite backup storage, allowing us to restore your data in minutes, not days, so your business can get back on track in no time.

24/7 Management

We make sure your data is backed up as planned, day in and day out.

Customized Program

We design backup solutions depending on your needs, budget, and data volume.



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