Smart business owners realize that with proactive system monitoring and routine preventative maintenance, most computer issues can be avoided. While system breakdowns and hardware failures will never completely go away, a proactive approach can significantly reduce system downtime due to hardware failure, virus or spyware infection, or even program corruption. Instead of waiting for things to break, our focus is on preventing problems before crashes or any other issues occur. Our AscendCARE program brings the power of Fortune 500 class computer support to the small business owner for a fraction of the price. Flexible options allow you to pick and choose the program that works for you.

Program Features and Benefits

24/7 Monitoring and Reporting

We use a software agent that monitors the health of your system and reports any critical errors back to us, potentially preventing a catastrophic failure

End User Ticketing System

You have the ability to create and track support tickets, just like you do in a large scale business, right from your computer.

Remote Network Troubleshooting

We will get your system back online and communicating with other computers in a flash.

Managed Antivirus & Spyware

Price of programs included! Never pay for protection again. We actively monitor programs to ensure proper usage.

Guaranteed Ticket Response Time

Based on the plan you select, your support tickets will be rapidly acknowledged.

Unlimited Phone & Remote Support

99% of issues can be resolved remotely. If it can be done remotely it's included, based on plan selected.

Security Patch Management

We routinely update all Microsoft and other common programs on your system, ensuring a secure environment.

Onsite Support

Pick the plan that meets your needs for onsite support options (additional fees may be charged based on coverage).

Unlimited Data Backup

Never lose a program, picture, or document again. Recovery of deleted data included.

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