AscendCARE Managed Security Solutions

AscendCARE Managed Security Solutions

Business today has access to hundreds of thousands of sources of prospect information, competitor data, potential new offerings, and financial information thanks to the Internet. This is a double-edge sword, however, as this same powerful tool is also actively being used by criminals, scoundrels, and hackers to take control of your systems, steal your financial and customer data, use your systems to host oftentimes illegal content and to send SPAM. Additionally, employees can be frequently distracted by the social aspects of the Internet, such as email, Facebook, online shopping, etc.

Key business concerns include:

  • Infection by and propagatation of viruses, worms, and other content-based threats
  • Intrusions into business records and databases
  • Reduction in performance of key business applications due to use of corporate networks for bandwidth-hungry applications
  • Utilization of business networks for illegal or unethical conduct
  • Potential liabilities due to exposure to illegal or offensive content
  • Productivity loss

Increased Vulnerability

Business networks are becoming more complex with an increasing number of vulnerable points of access, including wireless networks, VPNs, and other remote access technologies. Additional vulnerabilities come about as companies streamline their business processes by providing increased access to their corporate network for their suppliers, customers and employees through the Internet.

Increased governmental regulations are imposing large fines against businesses that experience data breaches and have not taken appropriate actions to mitigate the risk of a breach occurring. HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley, PCI compliance and other regulations all put the responsibility on the business owner to properly protect the private data in their possession.

Think You Are Not a Target Because You Are Small?

Think again. Cyber criminals today don't target specific companies, they target specific vulnerabilities. Every operating system has a pretty well known list of issues that can be used to crack its defenses, and potentially give a criminal access to the system. Manufacturers attempt to respond to these vulnerabilities by regularly providing patches and security updates, however more often than not, there is a long delay between when vulnerability is discovered and a patch becomes available. It is during this delay the systems are most vulnerable and when business owners need to be most on guard.

An intrusion prevention system (IPS) uses a method similar to your antivirus program, in that it uses a signature file of known exploits along with heuristic analysis to detect when a specific address is acting in a manner consistent with probing for your vulnerabilities to determine when to shut down access to a machine. IPS signature files are quickly update on a minimally daily basis to provide an extra layer of protection during the time your machine is most vulnerable.

Security is only effective if 24/7 realtime monitoring to detect and protect against attacks and security breaches is in place, along with initiating the proper response to threats. Maintaining this level of staffing, with the required skill set, can be a significant operating expense to the organization. What is seldom considered is that many hacking attempts occur on nights and weekends, and staffing outside of business hours to provide 24/7 coverage will further increase the business's operating costs.

Most threats today are transmitted via normal web browsing and email usage, easily bypassing standard antivirus and firewall based protection. In order to ensure a business network is properly protected, AscendNet recommends the implementation of a full featured Unified Threat Management (UTM) appliance.

Our AscendCARE Managed Security service provides:

  • Virus, malware and trojan protection
  • Secure VPN connectivity
  • Comprehensive web filtering keeps inappropriate content off business computers
  • Bandwidth tuning and prioritization